Value-Add, L.L.C. is an international development consulting firm that provides services to expand capital markets and enterprises, builds organizational capacity and strengthens the financial management and governance of private, community based and public organizations. Value-Add is a small business with minority and woman ownership.

Our work concentrates in three aspects of the financial sector and two cross- cutting fields.

Capital Markets and Enterprise Development

Value-Add provides advice on financial market development, venture capital management, investment advisory and financial planning services as well as commercial bank operations. We also engage in increasing the capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises to gain access to capital markets.

Microfinance and Microcredit

Value-Add, L.L.C. works on strengthening the financial sustainability of microfinance institutions (MFIs). We incorporate reviews of applicable legislative and regulatory requirements into our analyses of institutional capacity. Our work includes assessing and developing financial management capacity.

Trade Development

Value-Add conducts assessments and develops projects for new enterprises and those wishing to expand their production for export. We concentrate on increasing efficient and effective access of small and medium enterprises to capital resources for export growth expansion.

Financial Management and Sustainability of Community-Based Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Value-Add facilitates capacity building in local NGOs for managing their programs. We focus on financial management skills, program management, and governance needed for long-term sustainability.

Planning and Evaluation

Value-Add focuses on collaborative analysis of development problems and alternative innovative solutions, paying particular attention between implementation actions and program goals. We design strategic plans and activities to maximize synergy in partners' programs.

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