Value-Add, L.L.C. provides a wide range of advisory services to strengthen the finance sector's "supply side" and management aspects of emerging markets, trade development, microfinance institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as not-for- profit organizations. In addition, Value-Add's Principals and senior associates have extensive experience in assessments, strategic planning, project design, monitoring and evaluation of public and private sector programs.

Value-Add has an exceptional convergence of resources, skills and approaches that it applies to its work.

Value-Add's management consists of individuals with extensive public and/or private sector work experience abroad and in the U.S., combined with thorough exposure to NGO's. Its Principals are engaged in substantive consulting work. They serve as technical members of teams conducting fieldwork as well as providing technical management and oversight.

Value-Add selects consultants carefully for knowledge, skill, and dynamism. They are experts with whom we have worked, or they come with strong recommendations from people we know. Value-Add conducts participatory assessments, strategic and business plans, project design, performance measurement and evaluations that analyze the program or activity in its context. We also investigate the variables that affect performance in reaching desired outcomes.

Value-Add takes steps to build local individual and institutional capacity when working with its partners. We work collaboratively to build "ownership" of recommendations and plans. Value-Add's management takes care to ensure that the resulting end product is a relevant, rational, clear, professional and actionable professional product.


Principal: Steven E. Goune  |  Principal: Abbe Fessenden

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