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HAITI: Trade Development

One of Haiti's largest textile and garment export manufacturers retained Value-Add to develop the business case and strategic plan for a five-year $20M debt offering. This assignment consisted of analyzing the company's export markets and its competition world-wide, and developing a transition plan to ensure the vertical integration of its packaged services and supply operations in order to improve operational and cost efficiencies.

Key interventions included keeping management abreast of the way new technology and evolving international trade regulations have redefined the business from indirect supply to direct supply, and identifying innovative supply-side approaches to capitalize on the trend. We also developed recommendations on strategic supply chains to deal with changing international markets and translate marketing strategy and product mix methodologies into competitive advantage.

We developed a new activity-based cost model for monitoring product-line financial performance. Further assistance was provided in preparing materials for loan applications to the World Bank's International Finance Corporation and the Inter-American Development Bank as well as assisting in obtaining export finance guarantees from MIGA, EXIM Bank, IDB and others.

HAITI: NGO Capacity Building

Value-Add provided administrative and marketing services to Dimensional Resource Foundation (DRF), a membership NGO that encourages Haitian civil society to take control of its destiny through the provision of basic resources for development and stimulation of the reconstruction process.

Value-Add's assistance involved suggesting revisions in the Foundation's organizational materials such as by-laws, registrations, and articles of incorporation. Revisions were also provided for its grant application and its brochure.

Additionally, Value-Add provided a strategic approach to developing institutional capacity to manage assistance programs in health, education, micro-enterprise and micro-finance, and other social services. At the request of the Dimensional Resource Foundation, Value-Add submitted a proposal for participatory development of a formal long-term business plan.

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