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Value-Add assessed the Namibian capital markets and provided advice to MacArthur & Baker International (MBI) regarding the process for establishing a presence on the Namibian and Johannesburg stock exchanges.

Value-Add's task was to identify the products and services that MBI should concentrate on, the type of organizations it should pursue, the returns it may guarantee on assets under its trusteeship, and the special local licenses it must obtain before trading on the Namibia Stock Exchange, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and London FTSE. The resulting report addressed opportunities and constraints that MBI faces as a new investment adviser, including advice on how to implement various execution, clearing, custody, investment advisory and settlement agreements to establish a trading operations for MBI Namibia (Pty) Ltd.

Value-Add developed the models for a domestic asset management unit to manage over US$15 million in local pension funds assets, and a venture capital fund to target small disadvantaged businesses and foster entrepreneurship finance.

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