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Value-Add, L.L.C. served as a subcontractor to Agland International Services’ contract for the Millennium Challenge Cooperation’s (MCC) Project for Water Management and Agricultural Development. In that role, Value-Add provided:

  • A financial model verifying the profitability of irrigation investments proposed to farmers and of the privatization of post-harvest processing centers.
  • Scopes of work and assessment tools for microfinance representatives to collect data from farmers as well as for conducting workshops for implementing those tools.
  • Project management and technical backstopping, particularly in Monitoring and Evaluation and Institutional/Social Analyses.


In addition, Value-Add, L.L.C. principals acted in leadership roles for MCC’s compact. Steven Goune served as the lead consultant for the Farmer Access to Credit and microfinance support activity. Abbe Fessenden served as project manager and provided technical backstopping, particularly in Monitoring and Evaluation and Institutional/Social Analyses for the Project Management of Agribusiness Development Services component of that compact. Kelly Feltault provided home office analyses and editing for Monitoring, Evaluation and Institutional/Social Assessments as well as serving as deputy project manager.





Value-Add L.L.C. partnered with Chemonics International on the Nigeria PRISMS project. During the Phase I assessment, Value-Add, L.L.C. served as lead consultant for examining factors affecting the supply of finance for lending in the formal, semiformal and informal banking sectors, as well as increasing access for microfinance institutions and SMEs to capital markets.


Value-Add developed baseline data for performance analysis and institutional assessment of NGOs, community banks, credit union- type organizations, cooperative undertakings, government finance institutions and informal lenders. Value-Add developed recommendations and a plan of action for:

  • Aligning business streams toward servicing selected geographic clusters of economic activities.
  • Building capacity to allow best practice providers to obtain a stronger understanding of value and demand.
  • Managing cost to market and business risk.

Value-Add also provided recommendations regarding strengthening the policy environment to support the targeted PRISM partners in realigning their organizational leadership and priorities in order to manage business operations, outreach and customer service delivery.


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